8 Basic Steps To Make Your Dog Walk With You

  1. Use a long lead

Using a long leash of about 2m is ideal for this training. You might also want to add some body harness or a proper collar for your dog’s comfort. Try to pick a good, long-lasting leash that he would be able to recognize easily that it’s for walking time.

  1. Stand still

Before starting to walk, you should stand still first. Let your dog go and pull the end of the leash. At the beginning, your dog might stay first for a while if you are just standing still. Once you have started to step your first foot, some dogs might immediately run off and start walking away to pull from the end of the leash.

This might make another bad impression in your dog’s mind and disrupt his training. If this happens, make sure to stop and stand still and let him pull and pull.

  1. Hold the leash handle close to your hips

This is to keep your hands that are holding the lead close to your hip, and you may have even to tuck your thumb into the belt. This is to add support and grip to the leash. If you are standing still, this is the step that should be done after. Once the dog goes at the end of the leash, he might pull harder and harder.

Staying at this posture would allow you to fix your position and make it more stable so you would not fall over. Be firm and steady and let your dog observe you.

  1. Wait

This waiting game is fairly short, actually. You would have to wait until the leash relaxes for a bit. You will be able to spot this easily if you are observant.

Most of the time, your dog will stop and come back to your side. If your dog sits and stays at the end of the leash, that means you have to wait for a little while longer. If he still sits, then move on to the next step

  1. Call

If he stayed successfully, call your dog and reward your dog with a tasty treat at knee level. Make sure that he stayed well for a while. Don’t reward after your dog pulled the leash.

  1. Reward

Although the rewarding step was already introduced, you have to reward your dog every time that the pull on the rope weakens. Prepare a lot of treats for this.

  1. Improvement

Let your dog improve by calling your dog every time he pulls and reward him as he stays closer while walking every time. If your dog seems to improve and get closer to you, reward him well.

  1. Rinse and Repeat

Just repeat these steps until your dog learns to keep the leash loose. As he improves, you might want to give him off-leash training.